Working at Wyckaert

Crazy about construction? Crazy about Wyckaert? Are you crazy about construction and has our story got you inspired and excited? Would it make your day to join our team of 140 highly motivated employees? Is a friendly work environment a must? Check out the vacancies below and who knows? Maybe you'll be working at Wyckaert soon! Having a hard time picturing yourself in one of our current job openings? Feel free to send us an unsolicited application and make an appointment to see what your options are.


Wyckaert is a warm-hearted, welcoming, contemporary company, that is easily accessible. The dedication, enthusiasm and expertise of our employees are key elements to the company’s success.


We brainstorm with the customer at every stage to come up with the best solution. Original ideas are an essential part of that process.


We look at changes as opportunities to be faced head-on! In fact, roadblocks are what push us to raise the bar on excellence.


Wyckaert employees have the opportunity to keep growing in their career and to receive additional training. In-house exchange of knowledge is a top priority. Learning is a team effort, and we learn from and with each other!


We’re a close-knit, enthusiastic team at Wyckaert. Healthy growth and fantastic results are all about team effort!

Our approach
We are a healthy 
and very stable 
company, where we give high priority to family values. Quality and customer satisfaction are paramount.
Barzeele Pieter
Project manager
Each and every day, we make every effort to ensure that our company is a lasting success
De Schuyter Peter
Executive secretar
I have been given the time to acquire knowledge and experience. After all these years, Wyckaert is still my one and only employer.
Gilles Mathys
Site supervisor
Werken bij Wyckaert - Gent - Vacancies Wyckaert Ghent
Werken bij Wyckaert - Gent - Vacancies Wyckaert Ghent
Werken bij Wyckaert - Gent - Vacancies Wyckaert Ghent
Werken bij Wyckaert - Gent - Vacancies Wyckaert Ghent

We look forward to meeting you