Sustainability is at the top of the Wyckaert agenda. That's why we go the extra mile when it comes to our ethical, social, and environmental responsibilities. Our corporate social responsibility extends beyond the bounds of our business operations on paper. Wyckaert's pursuit of sustainability is realistic and balanced and relies on the UN’s SDGs as a critical framework for reflection.

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Sustainable relationships

We aim to develop high-quality, sustainable, long-term relationships with our employees, customers, construction partners, subcontractors, and suppliers. To make that happen, Wyckaert participates in initiatives such as Safety Day, FORGE Day, the ‘Sustainable Procurement Charter’, and the ‘Sustainable Entrepreneurship Charter’.

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Sustainability through waste reduction

LEAN is another key way that Wyckaert generates maximum value for customers. Lean means the least amount of time, money, and raw materials wasted. We make sure that water, energy, and fuels are consumed sensibly – the right amount for the right purpose.

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We give back to society

We offer talent from all kinds of educational backgrounds the opportunity to participate in an internship, a holiday job, or even to kick-start their career at Wyckaert – the perfect place to develop invaluable work experience in the construction industry. The general public is important too, and that’s why we raise awareness about our construction projects with an ‘Open Site Day’ and an ‘Open Business Day’.

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