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Customers are partners

We at Wyckaert look at every construction project as a partnership with our customer. It’s a journey we take together, to achieve a result that we can all take pride in. We value building lasting relationships based on honest communication and trust. It goes without saying that quality, service, and the essential expertise are all part of the package. However, it's our personal contact with each customer that really makes the difference. That makes it possible for us to detect and resolve any issues that come up at an early stage. At the end of the day, this strategy turns every project into a reference project.

The strategy we swear by

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Working in team

Partners are brought on board as quickly as possible for our construction projects. We draw on our expertise and the Wyckaert way of working (in terms of building techniques, cost accounting, execution, and BIM) to set the project's targets, budget, and deadlines in collaboration with the client and planners.

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Design & build

Clients increasingly prefer entrusting their project's planning and execution to a single party, based on a performance contract. Wyckaert has developed significant expertise in the integrated project delivery (IPD) trend to make this type of partnership succeed and produce solid results.

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To make sure the handoff to the client goes without a hitch, we’ve developed a special approach. Any points of concern are already identified and addressed months before the planned delivery date. The result is that at the end of the day, we can successfully deliver the project with a minimum of critique.


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