New winners of the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Charter announced

Wednesday, June 20, Wyckaert was awarded the Sustainable Business Charter for the third time in a row.

By means of this award, Voka pays tribute to those companies that go above and beyond the strict legal requirements with regard to environment, safety and people-friendly business practice. Sustainability activities are linked to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, and achievements in this regard are assessed by a team of independent experts.

Wyckaert specifically puts this charter into practice, among others, by using a digital platform to monitor the water and electricity consumption at the sites on a daily basis. This can lead to both reduced costs and CO2 emissions. Wyckaert is also investing in new nZEB-friendly site units:  the walls and ceilings have extra insulation, LED lighting is used and the windows are double glazed. In addition, site waste is subdivided into no less than five different categories.

Furthermore, we apply a supplier charter and code of conduct. Wyckaert seeks to pursue a responsible purchasing policy that closely aligns with the company’s needs and priorities. The result of this is that the impact of our decisions on society in general is fully taken into account. The safety of staff and other stakeholders is Wyckaert’s first priority. In this respect, Wyckaert has a priority focus on its relations with the parties involved, including suppliers and contractors, and it expects the latter to comply with a specific code of conduct.