Wyckaert is the holder of the VOKA charter on sustainability, and in 2017 we could encourage the large majority of our suppliers and subcontractors to join with us in this venture.

We are convinced that sustainability is not a trend, but a necessity and an on-going process. Staying open to innovations and continuing to learn is a must to continue to optimise sustainability at the company. And who is better to learn from than a company distinguished with the label “Worlds’ Must Ethical Companies 2017” and who is a member of the UN “Global Compact” initiative. On the invitation of Volvo Cars, we were therefore pleased to take part in the “Volvo Cars Sustainability Day” in Sweden.

With their “Omtanke” (Swedish for thorough care) project, Volvo Cars wishes to return environmental impact to a minimum and maximise social impact. They concretise this by drawing up ambitious objectives in the field of the environment, safety and diversity.

Wyckaert subscribes to the ambitions of its customer. The co-operative venture between Volvo (both Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks) and Wyckaert and the shared vision relating to sustainability already goes back years. In 2016 Wyckaert won the ‘VOLVO Quality Excellence Award’. In so doing the Swedish car maker rewarded the quality and the customer-orientation at Wyckaert.

Wyckaert also continues to be inspired and enthusiastic where sustainability is involved in 2018.