Wyckaert endorses the “Safety My Priority” charter

Safety is a priority for Wyckaert. Our company emphasizes this once again by signing the "Safety My Priority Charter".

Safety My Priority is the awareness campaign launched by the Construction Confederation to limit the number of occupational accidents in construction. The core of this campaign is a charter that contractors can sign and indicates that they give absolute priority to safety.

In recent years, the number of accidents at constructionsites has dropped from 18.100 in 2012 to 14.600 in 2017. Despite the turnaround, the construction sector remains responsible for 10% of the number of accidents at work in Belgium. Every day there are no fewer than 56 accidents at work in the construction sector and every month there is an average of at least one fatal accident. That is unacceptable.

It should at least be our intention to equal the figures of the Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland and Great Britain. Employees in the construction industry of those countries have less chance of being victims of an accident at work than in our country.

Some people say safety should be an important criterion in every government contract and an obligatory subject in every construction training in secondary and higher education.

It’s not easy to check the occupational risks in construction. The complexity of the operations during the work, the special and atypical nature of a construction site and the fact that different activities take place at the same workplace make it a challenge. Together with our subcontractors, suppliers and employees, we strive to make every construction site a safe workplace.