Vote Wyckaert to the final VOKA Ambassador 2019

Some time ago we asked you to vote Wyckaert for the final of VOKA Ambassador 2019. May we remind you a moment? You can still vote until Oct. 31 If you have already voted, thank you. Your vote means a lot to us.
Why does Wyckaert deserve your vote?

Johan Franceus, managing director, and Pascale De Backer, answer the following questions in the video below:

  • What is Wyckaert’s distinctive vision on branding?
  • How does Wyckaert enter into the fight for attention?
  • Why does Wyckaert have to become Voka Ambassador 2019?

Every vote counts. You can vote via VOKA – Wyckaert Bouwonderneming – enter email – done)

Thank you for your vote!