Vote team Wyckaert! Wyckaert runs for VOKA ambassador 2019.

Will you vote Wyckaert to the final of the Voka Ambassadorship competition 2019? Read on and cast your vote via the green links in the text. Thank you very much for this.

Once on the VOKA site you click on START, VOKA, Wyckaert Bouwonderneming Pascale De Backer en Johan Franceus, enter mail and ready. Thank you very much for your vote.

Voka Ambassador East Flanders

In 2019, VOKA will look for the Voka Ambassador East Flanders for the ninth time. This year’s theme is “how do you win the fight for attention”. VOKA is looking for companies that actively work on their identity and branding and make their company a strong brand.


Our view on branding

We do not have a product that sells itself, on the contrary, we are active in a very competitive environment. We try to distinguish ourselves from our colleagues by being a dynamic company that is constantly in motion.

Branding is more than a nice picture and advertising talk. We deliver on our promises. The relationship with our internal and external customers is our best branding.


Course of the competition

The nomination is already a nice reward for the efforts made in recent years and a boost for future campaigns, but the battle is not yet completely over. A digital voting will follow from October 4 to October 30. The 3 companies that score the highest go to the final. The final winner will be determined on November 26.

Your vote is crucial. Vote team Wyckaert VOKA ambassador 2019.

Thanks in advance!


stem Wyckaert tot VOKA ambassadeur 2019
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