Start construction of new warehouse and office building Wyckaert

As part of the new construction project of Wyckaert, including the demolition of the existing buildings and the new to build constructions of 4,400 m² warehouse  and 2,500 m² office building, phase 1 of the works was started on 21/02/19.

This first phase comprises the demolition of a first part of the warehouses and the renovation and expansion of 2,500 m² of industrial buildings. The new warehouses are executed in a prefab concrete structure, the first columns will be installed on the 15th of March. The end of the first construction phase is planned for the end of May, so the move to this new-build section can be organized in June 2019.

After the annual summer leave of 2019, phase 2 of the project will start and shall be ready before the annual summer leave of 2020.

We are extremely proud to announce that this new construction project is the first building that will be realized by Wyckaert under the LEAN principle. The entire project team followed LEAN courses at Arpa in the Netherlands. We are convinced that we can drastically reduce the execution time of the project, all in close collaboration with all our construction partners who are motivated to apply the LEAN principle.

Of course, updates on the progress of the construction works will follow in the coming months as well as more details regarding the sustainability and energy-friendliness of this new building.