Wyckaert is committed to social welfare – actions 2019

The past has proven that Wyckaert, contributes to the well-being in our society. Over the last two years, various campaigns have been set up in line with Wyckaert's corporate philosophy.

Unlike the previous years, this year 2 charities were selected.

On the one hand VZW Stappen. A home for girls between 14 and 18 years old, placed by the juvenile court or through voluntary assistance. VZW Stappen tries to support the girls in their quest to become an active part of society again so that they feel connected to themselves and their environment. VZW Stappen offers the girls accommodation facilities and they can count on the support of a team of social workers.

On the other hand, we are happy to support beTSCvzw, an organization that is committed to everyone who has to deal with TSC, Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, better known as “Bourneville disease”. This genetic disorder is characterized by the development of benign tumors in various organs and affects 1 in 10,000 people. Brain damage has the greatest impact on the quality of daily life. TSC is often associated with epilepsy, developmental delay, autism and other neuro-psychiatric problems.

Often there are no funds available to make the lives of these children more pleasant or to improve the network of social workers and volunteers. With our campaigns, Wyckaert wants to contribute to these organizations.

Specifically, we are already organizing an Easter egg sale, a car wash and after summer leave we’ll organise a food festival.

We thank everyone who wants to contribute to our actions so that we can all look back with pride on our initiatives for these charities.

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