Sneak peek police station Eeklo

Barely a year after the first ground was broken Wyckaert completed the structural works of the new police station in Eeklo.

On the 16th of June 2018, Mayor Koen Loete, flanked by Chief of Police Antoinette Vanden Bossche, architectural firm Beel, contractor Wyckaert and Europol director Catherine De Bolle, broke first ground for the new police station in Eeklo.

Barely a year later, Wyckaert completed the structural work, a 50-by-60-meter building with 3 floors. Downstairs there are interrogation rooms and 6 cells, 5 of which are for adults and 1 for minors. There are also 11 interrogation rooms with modern recording material, control rooms and a room suitable for line-ups. A video wall with 12 screens gives an overview of the entire police zone. The new police station will be an nZEB (nearly Zero Energy Building ) building. The works include structural work, finishing, techniques and environmental design.

In the meantime, Wyckaert is finishing the building so the police Meetjesland Center, with 110 police officers, can move to the new buildings at Raverschootstraat 67 in Eeklo by the end of this year.

A local TV station, AVS, visited the construction site on the 11th of June 2019. You can view the television report here.