Safety day Wyckaert edition 2018

On the last working day before construction leave, Wyckaert traditionally organizes a safety day for its employees.

We interpret the concept of safety  very broadly . Not only safety on the construction site is discussed, but also how we should deal with physically demanding work and the definition of healthy food. During the day, the various groups take part in 4 varied workshops through a rotating system.

In the workshop “entering confined space”, the risks, hazards and necessary measures of working in a partially or completely closed environment with a narrow or restricted access are studied. Measuring instruments and parameters are discussed and evacuation techniques are practiced.

During the second workshop we will look for an answer to the question “how to deal with caring heavy loads or stressful postures”. Techniques ┬áto relax the body through stretching and movement exercises will be shown. We mainly focus on the area around the neck, shoulder, arm and back.

In the training on collective security, we refresh the knowledge regarding the inspection and maintenance of the collective security. Furthermore, a variety of options will be demonstrated.

In the last workshop, attention is focused on the new food triangle. The difference between the old and the new food triangle is discussed. Afterwards, the eating behaviors are examined in small groups.

Under a bright sun we close the day with a snack and a drink after which everyone can safely start the summer construction leave.