New police station Eeklo completed

Less than a year and a half after the groundbreaking ceremony, the new police building in Eeklo was completed at the beginning of December. The effective move is planned for December 17.

Wyckaert was responsible for the structural work, finishing, techniques and environmental design of this project.


The new workplace of the police “Meetjesland Centrum” is equipped with the most modern techniques and technologies: eleven interrogation rooms equipped with recording material with control rooms in between, a large video wall with 12 screens that can display the entire police zone. Police cars can enter the garage under the building and the arrested person can get out in a closed garage. There are also six cells, one of which is intended for minors. The night cells can also be used by neighboring municipalities that don’t have night cells.

Thanks to the 265 solar panels, LED lighting, ventilation and controlled solar control, the building will be almost energy neutral.

Eeklo - politiekantoor - Eeklo policestation

Eeklo policestation - contractor Wyckaert