Project PIVO Asse, take a look at the construction site

Renovation is a radical process. Buildings are undergoing a real transformation. This also applies to part of the Provincial Institute for Education & Training (PIVO).
Renovation PIVO Asse


Below is an interim photo report of the PIVO Asse project, where the upgrading of the building is already clearly visible. When the project is finalised we’ll show you the result.

Within this assignment, the former heating building will be repurposed and expanded. In addition, Wyckaert is converting an existing warehouse into an office building with catering facilities and industrial kitchen and we are building a new shooting range.

The works include structural work, finishing, techniques and landscaping.



PIVO Asse - voor renovatie
PIVO Asse – entrance before the start of the renovation proces.


PIVO Asse – fa├žade before the renovation


PIVO Asse - tussentijdse stand van de renovatie - WYCKAERT
PIVO Asse – interim photo


PIVO Asse - tussentijdse stand renovatie
PIVO Asse – interim photo


PIVO Asse – the future – how it will look like once the project is finished