New office building Wyckaert in the press

You can regularly read an update on the website about the construction of our new office building. The activity on our site did not go unnoticed. The magazine "De Oost-Vlaamse aannemer" wrote an article about our project.

“Due to our exponential growth in recent years, our current office had become too small and we decided to build a new office building,” says Johan Franceus. With a surface of ​​2,700 m², the new building will have almost twice as many square meters as the current building, which dates from the 1960s and has been rebuilt and renovated several times over the years.


An eye-catching facade

For Wyckaert it was logical to stay at the same location. “Our company is very easily accessible and is still located in the city of Ghent. In addition, a lot of traffic passes by our office building. In the past, therefore, the facade has always been used to increase our visibility and improve our brand awareness,” says Johan. “We have opted for a green, corrugated ceramic cladding. It has a durable character and stands out. Because it is corrugated, the changing light on the building will always have a different effect,” explains project manager Matthias Ingels. “Furthermore, a great deal of glass has been chosen, so the building gets a modern and sleek look. On the inside, materials such as parquet and natural stone have been chosen as floor covering. The glass walls to divide the different offices will ensure a pleasant natural sunlight and will create an open sense of space.

Because a new office building for a construction company automatically becomes the company’s calling card, Wyckaert has extended the company philosophy to the new-build project.


State of the art

“The atypical cladding was partly chosen because we want to stand out as a construction company. The glass walls and sober materials are not only an aesthetic or practical choice, but are a translation of the transparent and flat organisation structure, Noor explains.

“It will be a sustainable state-of-the-art building. To heat and cool the building, a BTES system with solar panels will be able to meet our energy needs almost completely,” says Johan Franceus.


Lunch in the garden

Wyckaert has been intensively committed to corporate social responsibility for years and also takes care of its employees. This is also taken into account in the new office building. Johan Franceus: “there will be flexible workshops for our site managers, who are most of the time on buildingsites. We provide a number of bicycles for the staff, there will be a garden where people can have lunch and our people will be able to make free use of a gym. ” The new-build office and warehouses are realised in BIM and under the LEAN principle.



When the office is finished, there will be room for more than 70 people. “Today we need about 50 offices, which means we have the margin to easily welcome and accommodate new colleagues. As we have a lot of vacancies for new employees, I hope that some of the spare offices soon will get an owner, “laughs Johan Franceus.

(Source: Oost-Vlaamse aannemer – excerpts from the article “project in the spotlight Wyckaert”, p. 25-27)