New projects: Zuidkaai, Huize Terloo, …

Wyckaert recently received the final order confirmation for the following projects: Zuidkaai in Aalst, Huize Terloo in Bellingen, district sports hall in Ledeberg and Battery Pack Assembly for Volvo Group.
Zuidkaai in Aalst

Wyckaert will build 2 apartment buildings with underground parking on the former Electrabel site in Aalst, commissioned by Odebrecht, residential developer.

The Electrabel site, which was operational until 2006, is located in the development framework of De Kaaien. De Kaaien extend globally between the Tupperware site in the north and Ter Muren (Erembodegem) in the south over a distance of approximately 2.7 km along both banks of the Dender. Zuidkaai is a stone’s throw from the city center of Aalst and within walking distance of the other five major sites within this area, including Pier Kornel. The new district will connect the city center with the Osbroek and Gerstjens nature reserves.


Huize Terloo in Bellingen

Wyckaert is building a new building for “Huize Terloo” in Bellingen. This new construction will create 61 extra beds. Huize Terloo offers residential assistance for young people between the ages of 3 and 21 with behavioral and emotional problems and/or a mild mental handicap.


Sportscenter in Ledeberg

Under the fly-over/B401 in Ledeberg, on the park between the Hundelgemsesteenweg and the railway , Wyckaert will build a sports hall on behalf of TMVW. The new building has an area of ​​1,300 square meters with fields for volleyball, basketball, badminton and indoor and mini football and a cafeteria. In addition, there are also changing rooms with showers, toilets, staff room, first aid room and a cafeteria. In addition to the new building, a large bicycle shed (165 places) and a neighborhood car park will be built.

In a system of shared use, the sports hall will be made available to local residents, schools in the area, and local clubs.


Project Battery Pack Assembly for Volvo Group

Within the “Battery Pack Assembly” project, Wyckaert will build a new shelter and build a transformer room. We are also carrying out modifications to the BTC factory hall.