LEAN method applied in building process new corporate buildings Wyckaert

The new corporate buildings of Wyckaert will be realized according to the LEAN principle. LEAN is a management philosophy that aims to realize maximum value for the customer with as little waste as possible.

The first phase started a few weeks ago as part of the Wyckaert new-build project. This first phase comprises the demolition of a first part of the warehouses and the renovation and expansion of 2,500 m² of industrial buildings. The new warehouses are executed in a prefab concrete structure.

This new construction project will be realized according to the LEAN principle. Some fundamental differences within this method compared to our current way of working are:

Before starting work, subcontractors are involved in the preparation of the general planning. Their requirements are taken into account in consultation with all subcontractors involved. The general planning is still controlled by the main contractor who sets the most important milestones in the beginning. As the subcontractor is involved before the start of the works, this has an impact on our current purchasing process. We will already have to appoint all subcontractors at the initial stage. More preparation time is foreseen before actually putting the spade in the ground.

This general planning is gradually divided into a daily plan in which each party indicates what he does, where and what kind of resources he needs. This daily schedule is not drawn up by the main contractor but by the teamleader of the subcontractors. The greater involvement of the team leaders results in, among other things, more respect for everyone’s work.

Day planning is monitored daily during a brief consultation moment between all team leaders. Where necessary, this is adjusted and the pain points are addressed immediately.

When we translate the above into the new-build project of Wyckaert, we’ve placed at one point simultaneously the prefabrication in one part, the roof was closed in another part and groundwork for laying the floor slab was carried out in a third part. The execution time of the project can be drastically reduced in this way. This method is also a win-win situation for the subcontractor because it forces all parties to work efficiently.

Photo 1: week 1 after demolition – the first columns of the warehouse are placed

Photo 2: week 2 after demolition

Photo 3: week 3 after demolition – the first roof trusses are placed

Photo 4: week 4 after demolition

Photo 5: week 5 after demolition – in part 1 the prefab is placed, in part 2 the roof is closed and in part 3 the groundwork for the floor slab is carried out.