Largest mobile tent in Europe used for roof renovation Volvo

Volvo Group in Ghent wishes to renovate the roof of a production hall with a surface area of ​​53,000 m². After a previous roof renovation of 40,000 m² on the same site, Volvo Group again opted for a collaboration with Wyckaert.

This summer we will start with the 1st phase of the new assignment.

More than 200 heavy trucks are produced in this hall every day. The roof renovation can only be carried out during the annual leave of this department. Wyckaert will renovate  +/- 10,000 m² of roof per year over a period of 5 years during this leave period of 4 weeks.



Largest mobile tent on a roof in Europe

Since the weather conditions in our region are not always sunny and stable during the summer and we are on a tight planning, it is important that we do not lose a single working day. That is why it was decided to place a tent construction above the works. A solution that we already applied during the roof renovation of the Flanders Hydraulics Research Laboratory in Borgerhout.

The mobile tent with a span of 36m and a length of 25m is one of the largest ever built on a roof in Belgium and even in Europe. It can be moved by 2 people, as the structures are completely made of aluminum. The tent runs on 2 rails that are attached to the concrete supporting structure of the production hall. An impressive whole.


Flexible working

Our site team was also very flexible in the preparation phase. After all, the preparatory works and the installation of the porches took place on weekends when no production took place in the factory. A top team that proved its customer focus more than once by putting weekends and holidays on hold for the client.