Young talent on site visit at Wyckaert

Wyckaert considers it important for young people to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Besides practical training we also organise site visits. In recent months we have invited various schools and a students’ association to pay a visit to the site.

Youngsters who have just completed their vocational and technical education often opt to start work at a small business. We show them an alternative with an organised visit to a large site.

During the tour information was given about the technical side of the construction process, the safety aspect and the advantages of working at a larger company with a family nature.

With the link below you can read the account of the Scheppersschool on their visit to a Wyckaert site.

article written by Scheppersinstituut

Poutrix, the technical students’ association of civil engineers at Ghent University with which Wyckaert has already had cooperative ties for a number of years, paid a visit to the Voortman site on 2 October.

You can find a photo report of the visit using the link below.

Geplaatst door Poutrix op dinsdag 3 oktober 2017