Groundbreaking ceremony at Erpe-Mere/Lede policestation

On September 14th, in the presence of minister Koen Geens, provincial governor Jan Briers, chief of police Luk Lacaeyse, mayors Hugo De Waele and Roland Uyttendaele the first ground on behalf of the police station in Erpe-Mere / Lede was broken.

The wish to bring the housing of the police to a contemporary level dates back more than 10 years. Since the arrival of Chief of Police Luk Lacaeyse and with the support of the mayors De Waele and Uyttendale this wish became an actual project.

The current buildings in which the police work are suffering from concrete rot and subsidence. In addition, a modern infrastructure is needed to be able to implement the new regulations, standards and additional legislation, which follow each other at an ever faster pace.

With the new police house, the services of the local police, currently housed in 3 different places, will be centralized, which will improve the efficiency. The initiators also want to respond proactively to the current debate about a possible increase in scale of the local police. The new-build project gives the citizen the guarantee that they will continue to have a local contact in their immediate environment.

The design of the new police house is the result of a very extensive prospection in a number of new police stations spread over the entire country. Wyckaert builds a functional building that meets the latest new standards in terms of safety, the environment and energy. The new building consists of 3 floors with basement. Due to the modular structure of the building, a possible extension is guaranteed. Together with the intermunicipal partnership SO-LVA and DAT Architects Wyckaert will finish the new police house in 2020.