Goundbreaking ceremony at Eeklo police station

Saturday 16 June 2018, Mayor Koen Loete, accompanied by Chief of Police Antoinette Vanden Bossche, the Beel architectural firm, Contractor Wyckaert and Europol Director Catherine De Bolle, broke first ground on behalf of the Police Station in Eeklo.

There was a dire need for a new police station due to the merger of police districts and the accompanying and continual increase in staff. The design and construction of the new police station was awarded following a call for tenders. Wyckaert will be responsible for the construction, finishing, engineering and layout of the peripheral grounds.

The administrative building contains reception areas, offices, a control room, cells and an aboveground and underground car park. In addition, investments are also being made in cutting-edge technological developments, such as audio-visual equipment and data storage systems. The new police station will be a sustainable, nearly zero energy building (also known as an nZEB).