From trainee to starter!

After a successful internship and a student job at Wyckaert, Gilles (industrial engineer) opted for a permanent job - as (assistant) site manager - at Wyckaert Bouwonderneming.


‚ÄúDuring my internship and student job, I received the necessary information, assistance and time to gain experience in the construction world. Due to the family atmosphere that prevails within the company, I was immediately accepted and felt at ease. When a job offer within the same company came my way, I didn’t hesitate. Look at me now, from trainee to starter at Wyckaert. I sincerely hope to develop a successful career within this company. ”

Gilles is working on our construction site in Oudenaarde, where an extension of an industrial building with offices, showroom, retail space and studio is being built. He will carry out his first projects under the wings of an experienced site manager. “Learning on the job” is, according to Wyckaert, the best way to put the acquired theory into practice.
Wyckaert is in full growth and flourishing, which is why we can also give numerous recent graduates a chance. There is a good training program that is adjusted to the employee’s needs. The ideal way to develop in your job! Will you follow in Gilles footsteps?