Final VOKA ambassador 2019

How do you win the fight for attention? That was the central question at the Voka Ambassadorial election yesterday, 11/26/19.
The final

Together with the other candidates; Sonia Pypaert from The Baby’s Corner, Ellen Crabbe from brantandpatents and Jeroen Lemaire from In the Pocket, Pascale De Backer from Wyckaert entered a fascinating fight about branding.

A round of Q&A in which the candidates could challenge each other and hold their feet to the fire was followed by an exposé by Ynzo Van Zanten, Chief Chocolate Evangelist, at Tony’s Chocolonely. Their vision is to make 100% slave-free chocolate. A compelling explanation of a company with a strong story.

Unfortunately we couldn’t go home with the trophy. This now shows off at In the Pocket. Congratulations to the winner. Thanks to everyone for your support and presence. Wyckaert continues to build with enthusiasm and passion.