Emergency exercise in the context of BREEAM

Wyckaert builds an office building in Ghent with underground parking facility for Securex. In the realization of this project we use the BREEAM method (Building Research Establishment Assessment Method).

BREEAM is a sustainability characteristic for the realization of a sustainable building with a minimal environmental impact.

As part of this method, we had to organize a simulation of an accident on the construction site in close collaboration with the Ghent fire brigade. A major accident was staged in which a victim ended up under various panels that had been blown over during a strong gust of wind. The site team had to raise the alarm and guide the emergency services to the victim.

The purpose of this exercise was to find out which evacuation and rescue techniques were to be used and how much time the entire operation would take.

After the exercise, a follow-up discussion followed with the entire site team and the fire brigade. An educational experience for both parties.