Digitization in Construction Industry – New Technologies

On Friday July 8th, just before summer break, the employees of Wyckaert  gathered in Ghent for a full day workshop regarding new technologies in the construction sector.
Digitization and craftsmanship go hand in hand

Digitization and the power of craftsmanship go hand in hand. Wyckaert believes that in order to remain competitive and to continue to meet the expectations of developers, government and construction partners, we must continue to invest in both digitization and craftsmanship.

BIM – Building Information Modelling
BIM (Building Information Modelling or making digital building models) is an important part of this digitization. The direct effects such as increased efficiency, fewer construction errors, better preliminary work preparation and lower failure costs also have a positive impact on sustainability in the sector.

Collaboration with WTCB
The demonstration of new technologies took place in collaboration with the WTCB research center. Our staff attended workshops on digital measurement applications, drones, artificial intelligence and exoskeletons as part of the ‘Centrum Bouw 4.0’ project.

Governor East Flanders shows interest in the latest technologies in the construction sector
The governor of the province of East Flanders, Carina Van Cauter, also visited Wyckaert and was introduced to the latest technologies used in a rapidly changing construction sector.