Battery Pack as an additional power source

Wyckaert is installing a battery pack at the construction site "Saffrou" in Oudenaarde to provide the site with electricity and limit CO² / NOx emissions.

There was no possibility to provide a connection at the site as there was insufficient electricity in the area. In such cases, the client usually requests an extension of the power network. However, in order not to jeopardize the start date of the project, Wyckaert seized the opportunity to install a battery pack. A win-win situation for both the environment and the economy.


Construction site setup:

Construction site with 3 tower cranes POTAIN MDT 268, 3 construction site offices, 7 drainage pumps

No power network connection possible


Original plan:

  • 4 generators 150 kVA
  • 1 generator 150 kVA 24/24 for pumps (50A continuous load)
  • 3 generators ± 50 hours to 60 hours per week for the tower cranes


Current hybrid solution:

  • 1 generator 150 kVA 24/24 for pumps
  • 1 Battery Pack Xtra Large connected to this generator for 2 of the 3 cranes
  • 1 generator 150 kVA 50h to 60h for 3rd crane



  • Elimination of 2 generators 150 kVA on site.
  • This amounts to 100 to 120 operating hours at 150 kVA: ± 700 to 1300 liters of diesel per week.


Ecological: 2640 grams of CO² / liter x 1000 liters / week x 12 weeks

  • ± 32 tons of CO² has been saved


Economical: 0.5 € / liter x 1000 liters / week x 12 weeks

  • ± 6,000 € has been saved


Benefits / Advantages:

No noise, no exhaust fumes .

In addition to CO², the diesel generator also emits other substances such as NOx, fine dust,… these are also avoided.


The tower crane is powered 24/24 from the batteries:

  • No condensation and frost damage on the tap parts
  • No waiting for the engines to preheat
  • Continuity guarantee by back-up system: if the generator is no longer running, you can continue to work on the battery. So during maintenance of the generator, the works can continue.