Project “Hof ter Smissen” in Dilbeek – 29 almost energy neutral houses and more

Wyckaert was commissioned to realize a new building consisting of 29 houses and the renovation of the existing residential house into apartments with a commercial part.

In addition to the 29 almost energy neutral houses, the renovation of the residential house and the commercial part, the project also included an underground parking garage with 49 parking spaces and 22 closed private storage rooms.

The works included structural work, finishing and techniques.


Almost energy neutral houses

What was done in order to make sure the houses became almost energy neutral houses?

Among other things new techniques were used in this project. The houses were equipped with underfloor heating based on geothermal energy. During the summer months it is possible to cool in an energy-efficient passive way.

A ventilation system was installed in order to guarantee a healthy indoor climate. A ventilation, type D, is provided in every home. This type of ventilation has a mechanical supply and mechanical extraction via a central ventilation unit with heat recovery.

The heat pump provided will be responsible for the production of domestic hot water. For reuse of the rainwater, a pump with filter is placed in the rainwater tank.

An installation with solar panels generates electricity.