68 additional service apartments in Aalter

Some time ago, Wyckaert ended the expansion of the Veilige Have care campus in Aalter. The sunny weather of the past period was the ideal time to photograph this project.
Expansion with 68 service apartments

The existing Zorgcampus Veilige Have was expanded with 68 spacious service apartments, divided over 2 building blocks that are connected by a tunnel for the care staff. The residents have direct access to the swimming pool that is built between the 2 buildings. The buildings are located in a beautiful green area with a large pond, surrounded by walking paths. 

Technical aspects

Wyckaert carried out the structural work for this project. The basement was constructed from double walls. The storey floors were made in predallen. Concrete and sand-lime brick walls were used on the floors. A  Borehole Thermal Energy Storage (BTES) system was created under the building blocks.