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Wyckaert is a Ghent-based construction company that has been successfully carrying out industrial, non-residential construction, and residential market projects for over 125 years. We’re crazy about construction and that's something about our approach you can’t miss.
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Customer satisfaction comes first. And that’s why Wyckaert integrates customer-focus into every aspect of how we work, from start to finish. The entire project team always keeps the customer's needs and wishes in mind. That means that with us, you can always count on someone who really listens and is ready to lend a hand.


To deliver service that goes above and beyond, Wyckaert is committed to innovation. How? We use the ‘innovation engine’ to incorporate innovation into all our daily operations. We are 100% convinced that improvement is always possible, which is tangible in our service and practice. We make that happen by implementing the best and latest techniques.


We love what we do, and you can tell. Wyckaert project teams are enthusiastic, dedicated, and they make perfection their goal every day, every step of the way. Our passion is the key to our company's success – and above all, that means customer projects that really deliver.


Wyckaert is building towards a sustainable future on a variety of fronts. We make sure that our production process is sustainable and that our workplace is as well. The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals are not something we take lightly. They are at the heart of our practice, and employee well-being comes first in Wyckaert’s HR policy.

Environmentally friendly

To change the world, you’ve got to start by ‘being the change you wish to see’. You can spot our environmentally friendly building from the E17-E40 motorway in Ghent. Wyckaert created a green workplace. How? Sustainable building techniques and smart solutions that limit energy consumption and cut down on the amount of waste generated in the production processes.

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