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Working at Wyckaert

Wyckaert is a general contractor that has offered excellent value and has had reliable credentials for more than 125 years. We are a steady partner for your construction projects in a wide range of sectors.

Our easily accessible premises in Ghent is the perfect base for our construction sites. Most of them are located in East and West Flanders. We are also not averse to having construction sites in Antwerp and Brussels. Our team consists of a permanent core of more than 140 people. They are the foundation under our company. No big egos, divas, show-offs or know-it-alls, but instead realistic thinkers and doers that together form a close-knit team. Our workforce is characterised by its team spirit and positive group dynamics. This unique atmosphere contributes to keeping experience and knowledge within our company. As a growing company, our ambition is to stay informed of the latest developments in the construction world. We invest in technology as well as in IT, giving our employees opportunities for further training. In short, 125 years of experience and yet we never stop learning. We regularly expand our team with new staff members to support the growth and expansion of our company.


We are a healthy 
and very stable 
company, where we give high priority to family values. Quality and customer satisfaction are paramount.
Barzeele Pieter
Project manager
Each and every day, we make every effort to ensure that our company is a lasting success
Droessaert Sophie
Executive secretar
I have been given the time to acquire knowledge and experience. After all these years, Wyckaert is still my one and only employer.
De Schuyter Peter
Site supervisor
I will never forget the e-mail from the CEO of Volvo Trucks in Sweden with his congratulations for the fast handling of their Cabtrim project.
Everaert Malik
Site supervisor
During the past 10 years, there has been a positive trend among employees in terms of safety awareness. It is a change in culture that I am proud of.
Van Moorhem Kurt
Prevention officer – quality manager – environmental coordinator

The European Social Fund – Flanders agency

Wyckaert has committed itself to work on two projects that are supported by the European Social Fund: organising in a different way to increase the flexibility of the organisation and to offer/give training on project management, coaching and applied technologies.

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