Working at Wyckaert

Wyckaert is a general contractor that has offered excellent value and has had reliable credentials for more than 125 years. We are a steady partner for your construction projects in a wide range of sectors.


Wyckaert is a warm-hearted and modern company, easy to reach. The dedication, enthusiasm and expertise of our employees are key elements to the company’s success.


Employees are given the opportunity to continuously develop and train themselves. Sharing knowledge is crucial. Learning from one another!


In every phase we think along with the customer to achieve the best result.


We see change as a challenge and do not shy away from it!


At Wyckaert we are 1 close-knit and enthusiastic team that strives together to achieve good and growing results!

Our approach
We are a healthy 
and very stable 
company, where we give high priority to family values. Quality and customer satisfaction are paramount.
Barzeele Pieter
Project manager
Each and every day, we make every effort to ensure that our company is a lasting success
De Schuyter Peter
Executive secretar
I have been given the time to acquire knowledge and experience. After all these years, Wyckaert is still my one and only employer.
Everaert Malik
Site supervisor

We look forward to meeting you