Design and construction of a new police station


Politiezone Meetjesland Centrum


Beel Stéphane Architecten - Gent

Construction period:

jun 2018 - okt 2019

Construction task:

5.582.060 €



About the project

Due to the merger of police zones, and the resulting increase in staff, there is a need for a new police station. The design and construction of the new police headquarters was awarded after a competitive tender. The administrative building features reception areas, offices, control room, cells and parking both above ground and underground. The new police station will be a NZEB (Nearly zero-energy building).
The construction work involves structural work, finishing, technical engineering and environmental planning.

Key figures

Construction surface  3.100 m² 
No. floors 
K-level  28 
Surface surrounding area  4.650 m² 
- Surface  2.900 m² 
- No. floors  1 underground / 1 above ground 
- No. sites  88