sustainable buildings

New construction of visitor centre in the “Schipperij” port of Ghent


Stad Gent Havenbedrijf


Tetra Architecten - Brussel

Construction period:

jan 2012 - oct 2013

Construction task:




About the project

The “Schipperij” is the showpiece of the port of Ghent and also a multifunctional building. It is used as a reception area for invitees to the Port Authority and houses flexi-offices for the staff. It is also the home port of the “Jan van Gent”, the port’s public relations ship.
The building is constructed from sustainable materials and was awarded the annual “Belgian Woodforum” prize.
The works include structural work, finishing, technical facilities and landscaping.

Key figures

Construction surface  915 m² 
No. floors 
Surface surrounding area  1.350 m²